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    上海中学 / 上中国际 / 上海包玉刚 / 上海平和 / 上海浦东协和 / 上海星河湾 / 上海美国学校 / 上海英国学校 / 上海宋庆龄学校 / 上海惠灵顿 / 上海哈罗 / 上海领科 / 上海光华剑桥 / 上海上实剑桥 / 上海尚德 / 上海常青藤 / 上海莱克顿 / 上海赫德/ 上海七宝德怀特 / 上海华师大二中 / 上海七宝德怀特 / UWC联合书院 / 北京四中 / 北京清华附中 / 北京鼎石学校 / 北京凯文 / 北京十一 / 北京人大附中 / 北京王府 / 北京世青 / 北京海嘉国际 / 北京赫德 / 北京康福外国语 / 苏州领科 / 杭州人大附 / 杭州外国语 / 杭外国际部 / 杭州惠立 / 宁波效实IB / 宁波赫德 / 宁波镇剑 / 宁波宁外 / 南京外国语 / 南京国际学校 / 南京雨花台国际部 / 东北育才外国语 / 成都高新实验 / 香港耀中 / 香港汉基国际学校



    Cranbrook / Choate / Crean Lutheran High School / Eaglebrook / Philips Academy Andover / Rectory / Webb



    Dakota Collegiate



    Hurtwood House / Priors Field / Repton / St. George’s International School / St. Paul's School / Tonbridge / The Royal High School, Bath / UCL



    Kambala School, Sydney / Woollahra Public School, Sydney



    ACG Strathallan




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    Tifen Online Academy fosters a vibrant and diverse learning environment that enables students to become responsible global citizens. We are committed to creating a challenging learning environment that empowers our students to acquire content knowledge, cultivate cognitive skills, understand their strength and passion, and develop a sense of purpose and habits of success. We strive to prepare them to contribute to a world that values innovation, self-motivation, empathy and grit over compliance.


    Tifen Online Academy sets out to exploring a new model of education customised for students from different backgrounds, both social economical and geological. Our curriculum is well suited for gifted and talented students and offers a best fit for their individual studying schedule and learning habits. Because teaching and learning at Tifen is well adapted to an online format, we are able to bring high quality education to less developed areas and promote educational equality. Our adventure into the new education paradigm proves to be a success for our students, especially during the current virus pandemic.


    Tifen is committed to providing a good educational experience for all students, enabling them to achieve outstanding academic results. We provide curriculum and assessments which are aligned with both Chinese and UK national standards. Tifen Academy offers A level programmes to year groups of 50 students from the local area. Our standard pattern is 3 - 4 A levels. Most students take EPQ as part of the non-examined project-and-inquiry based study programme. Of last session's leavers, 100 % secured places in higher education. Administrators and faculty work together to ensure the consistency and quality of the curriculum. Teachers use a variety of research-based teaching strategies to actively engage students in teaching activities, promoting and deepening understanding of core concepts. In the process, students' innovation, planning, problem solving, and communication skills are cultivated. These highly transferable skills will help them succeed at work and become lifelong learners. We focus on meeting the differentiated needs of each student and use assessment data to evaluate and continually improve our curriculum.

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